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Well I was on my way back to kentucky from working on my girl and I walked up on a awesome 64 cobra with four wheel disk brakes cobra shiffter. The car has all body to it minus motor and tranny. The body is in new condtion and a tub frame. The tires is slicks all the way around, but everything is there. He wasn't there but want to know how much somone would pay for this thing. I know he doesn't know what he has with what was on the sticker but then again the times are tough so that may have him needing to get rid of it. Let me know and I will try to get pictures for it. STANG OUT

'64 Cobra???? No such animal.   

Well Soaring once again you got me. I guess I broke it down farther than I should have,lol. I am not sure the age of the car but it is the little cobra car, wither it is the shelby cobra or just a clone or whatever, I am still sure someone here could buy it for a pretty penny. That is what I am looking for, pics will be short to follow.

As far as the 73 it is rust and paint free, the first time since 05 it has been all one color everything on that car has been gone through or getting ready to be. I will get the pics on here.

That cobra is a nice car and I might have to go out of my way to get it but the man doesn't know what he is doing and the area he is in is awesome for me, sucks for him, but great for me. Anyways I hope to be giving you some good pics of her soon. STANG OUT

Yes you are talking about the AC Cobra but I doubt it's a real one. A 64 AC Cobra is worth close to a million dollar and I don't believe the owner don't know what it's worth unless he lives in the middle of the woods :D
If it's a kit car, I have no idea about its value but it will probably depend of the manufacturer of the kit. If it's a VW powered one with engine and transmission in the rear of the car, you can forget about it.

Well brother I dont know much about it yet, the year is from the guy at the gas station/ market in the town. It has a population of 670, so eveyone knows everyone. He is probaly off with the year, but they guy that is selling it is busting crop so he wont be back for a couple days. I dont know the status of it but my dad who has forgotten more about cars than most have ever known, says it is worth it. Again no motor or trans but I am not worried about that what so ever. I have a complete 427 sitting in the back collecting dust and I am ready to blow it off and throw it in.

I hope this guy gets back with me asap. but not going to hold my breath if you have any tips to watch for let me know. I am also not getting emails on topics and cannot figure out why. STANG OUT


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