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5 Lug Wheels


88GT ragtop:
I want to convert my 88 GT to 5 lug wheels,and have been told to go to junk yard and get rear axels and front hubs from a later model.  Does anyone know if this will work and what year would be the best to use?   Thanks  ???

95 spindles (swap ball joints to SN95's)
99 PBR 2piston calipers (from any mustang V6 or GT 99-04)
98 8.8 with disk brakes
Basically, any 95 and up stock system will work for you.  Just go to a junk yard and rob the parts off any Mustang that's a 95 and up. 

88GT ragtop:
Thanks for the info, its a big help. Rick

ol dirty doug:
yo buddy you can just buy the kit with everything and iit is a complete bolt on for like 295 or 395 i forget but i did it and it is awesome


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