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45th Mustang Anniversary

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Heard on the radio that today was the 45th anniversary of the first Mustang!  Anyone out there able to verify this fact as I also heard that the first one was not actually for sale until later in the year.  I'm sure somebody has the actual dates that can verify or challenge the information.

The first Mustang was produced on March 9, 1964.  The first Mustang was introduced to the public on April 17, 1964 at the New York World' fair.  So, as far as the anniversary date, then yes, March 9 would be the anniversary date. 
The First Mustang (s/n 0000001) was a Wimbleton White 64 1/2 convertible sold , by mistake, to Capt. Stanley Tucker , an airline pilot, in St Johns', Newfoundland, Canada. It was a promotional car sent by Ford around the country to promote the new Mustang car. The salesman there, thought the car was to be sold and then did so when Capt Tucker showed interest in the car. It took 2 yrs for Ford to get the car back , in exchange for a new 1967 fastback Mustang (1,000,000,001th ). The '64 1/2 now resides in the Ford museum, still displaying the Nfld and Labrador license plates.

The first production Mustang, 5F08F100001, had a scheduled build date of March 5, 1964. It came with a 260CID V8, 4 speed, a 2.80 limited slip differential and a DSO of 81, Canada.

The first one may have had a "scheduled" build date of March 5th, but everything I read says it was actually built on March 9.  Here it is, and a link that says it was built on March 9.

I could be wrong but my maths says last year model was the 45th     2010 - 1964= 46   Plus Ford made the 45th anniversary Mustangs last year... haha  Notice the fender badge


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