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351C small block or big block

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I am confused as to whether the 351C is a small block or a big block. I have a 69 Mach One clone that has a 351C. It needs all the power steering stuff, and I think there is a difference between those components for the big block cars..??? Thanks for any help with this!

Simply stated it's neither. Here is some dimensions on a 351C among other motors.

hope this helps

Ford never used big block/small block terminology thats a chevy thing really. The 351c has the same bell pattern as the 351w so that would make it the same. The heads also will fit on a Windsor block with a special intake so that means it has more in common with the Windsors than any other Ford engine.

Without heads and intake, the 351C is not much different in size than the 351W.  But the heads on the 351C makes it look like a smaller "big block" or maybe a fat small block.  I carried a 351C bare block (with mains) to my neighbors house 2 houses away when I was 16 so the block is not all that heavy.

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