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351 head question


Hi,all any one know if the aussie heads are really good or not 4v.for the 351 cleveland motor.As i have a 72 with 2v with street dominator intake for 4 barrel with a 600 holley carb.I have a couple of friend with the 4v heads and 4 barrel carbs but their cars are slower than mine.My car has alot of power in 1st and 2nd gear but a dog in drive.I know my car is a 72 mach1 its suppose to have a fmx transmission and a 2;75 raer but you feel all rear when driving at 65 mph.Anyone have any suggestions.

Hey Bro I have a 73 with the two vavle and the fmx and 275 just like yours and I think GODFATHER was saying that the 2v will get more horses for some reason. I have a big problem with mine wanting to like cut out or kind of starve for fuel at 65 and I don't know why it is a single exhaust and I amsure that it needs to be cleaned up see what if any help that does you let me know but ask GOD FATHER ON HERE> STANG OUT

Rentascout I saw your car pretty nice.I think you need to put on a street dominator intake with a holley 600 carburator.Mine has both with hedgeman headers and flowmaster duels plenty of power but the tranny can"t keep up with the motor.

I would love to change it up but it is so close nad I am not a big holley fan but thanks for the imput that is alot more than I can say for the other guys

sorry I havent been on here lately between night classes and going from 8 to 10 hours a day at work.

for your question Aussie heads are the best way to go.


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