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302 Heads on a 289 motor


I was checking out the push rods and rockers on my number matching 289 and by one of the rockers and spring it says 302 on the head. So looks like I have the 302 heads on my 289 motor. Is there an advangage to this? Ther is also this on the heads. B-A and 3K4. Thanks, John

My engine is a c-code 2v 289 engine.

Do not have a clue for sure. But I have been told they are off of a 73 302 with lower compression (8:5:1) Which is fine with me since I will only be cruising and not hot rodding. With the newer heads will I still need to add the fuel lead additive? I was told on another fourm that the heads are-"October 4-1973 D20E-6090-BA heads with 58.2cc chambers which are larger than the 54.5cc 289 heads". He got all this from the little  information I posted.

Very good material! I have been previously trying to find something similar to this for a long time now. Thanks for the tips!


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