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2014 Proposed Mustang Design

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Check out the latest intel of the 2014 Mustang from

2014 ford mustang for the next-generation

Mays said that the car remains a pure muscle blood car, but at the same time still has 50 years of life remaining. Ford’s engineers will add some technologies Mustang 2014, but still simple to understand: the engine in front, behind the traction and steering wheel in the middle. Ford is planning a new face to the famous muscle car. J Mays, Ford’s vice president of global design and chief creative officer said that the next generation Mustang will be ‘a really cool car’. He also said that the 2014 Mustang will ‘leap forward’ from every point of view.

OK Guys - what do you think of the proposed new design?

It still has a Mustang (kinda) front end.  It won't look anything like that when it finally hits the production line though. 

Agreed.  I do think it respects the lines/heritage of the Mustang, but it almost resembles the little MB 2-seater.

It's a 2 seater for sure.  Maybe a couple of little kids could get in the back seat, but certainly not an adult. 

not too bad of a design... window line should be raised a bit and the trunk a bit bigger. Also hoping they don't go too fancy and high tech with sync and nav systems and all that crap. All I want is a simple muscle car.


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