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2014 Proposed Mustang Design

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looks like a 3rd gen RX7 with a mustang front end. I really like the 2005-2011 style. I have always wondered what would happen if they came out with one exactly like a 1965-1970 body style, with all the modern upgrades, would it sell? I would buy one, but I wonder about the general public? I feel the 2005 style did just about that, and look how many they have sold.

Just glad they are keeping the long hood and short trunk. I think if they made one with the old school with new school installed it would sell well. Yes, looks like not no room for a 6' guy like myself in the back seat. I have a hard enought time getting into my 65, and that is the driver seat. But still also love the newer Mustangs. Would have saved a lot of rust if they had dipped them in the 60's like they do today. 


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