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2012 Mustang concept

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I like the new body style for 2010-2011. Those body styles remind me of the classic mustangs. the 2012 body style just doesnt look right for a mustang

Well, you can rest assured it won't look like that if and when it hits the production line.  Look at the 2009.  The prototype was very different from the actual production car.  I like my 03 body style.  It looks mean. 

I like this 50 year old + "concept" better -  a 1961 Mustang I - note the dents in the front end put there by Glen's wife, Ada.

My wife Ada no longer drives my Mustangs.  She is restricted to the 03 F-150 Lariat.   ;)

Long and sleek machine.  I was told that the HP race is back on.


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