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mustang muscle:
Has anyone seen one in person just wondering??? I want to go to the ford dealership and just test drive one but they tell me that they have to order the car from somewhere else

Since you are in California, they probably just have to order one from the San Jose plant, but they are probably still on special order.  I didn't get to drive my 03 Mach 1 until after I had bought it because of availability at the time.  If I had the money, I'd trade my Mach for a 2011 in a heartbeat without even driving it.  That's one mean looking puppy, and beats the hell out of looks over the new Camaro.  That 5.0 is a true 5.0, and not the 4.9 of yesteryear. 

Getting a new Mustang from Ford's San Jose assembly plant would be a bit difficult as it was closed by Ford in 1984. It is now the Great Mall of the Bay Area.

'zat right?  Shows you how far back in time I go. 

mustang muscle:
lol oh yeah thats true but thats alright I think I'll wait until it is considered a used car to get it I guess


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