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I don't see what all the rave is about. There are some small body changes, but a lot of engine changes. The V6 seems to be the motor of the future, but we may also see a return of the 5.0 Boss 302. Good for you Ford.

 Ford didn't plan to offer a new Mustang until 2012 but with the new muscle car war starting they had to offer better engines with the actual body.
 The muscle car war has started again and we can thank GM and Chrysler for having brought back their muscle cars into the market so we can get better Mustangs.  ;D
 I have to say that the return of the Boss 302 is more exciting than a powerful whining V6. I'd rather drive a junky four cylinder car to go to work and keep a V8 Mustang for the week ends than having a handicapped one to save on gas  ;D

Yeah, I'd like to experience the seat of the pants power that new V6 will produce.  It's supposed to be the cat's meow, but I can't believe it will out perform a new Boss 302. 


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