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2010 Mustang not eligible for "cash for clunkers"?


Hi all,
Been browsing the forum for while as I'd like to get a 2010 Mustang. I had been hoping to take advantage of the "cash for clunkers" program, but I don't see the Mustang listed on Ford's list of qualified cars. That would be a huge bummer....
does anybody know any more details about this?

i am in the same position. the mustang does not qualify because they say it only gets about 18 mpg combined when it needs to be 22. i know that the mustang gets well over 18 mpg. i was hoping they would give it some wiggle room. i emailed ford and requested they email about it. they might loosen up the threads for it.

 ;D The cash for clunkers program is now out of money, so good luck trying to buy a Mustang that is not considered a gas saving vehicle in the first place. 

well now it is still operatingg.
and the mustang gets way better that 8mpg.
which is what i am driving now.
THAT is an improvment.

yeah i don't think they'll do cash for clunkers for a mustang


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