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Ive owned two 2004 orange mustangs, one automatic, the other a five speed, and Ive been planning on switching to a V8, but lately Ive been hesitating cause I read some reviews saying that the V8 really drains gas. Whats the average miles per gallon and do they really drain gas the way people say?

The 4.6 gets anywhere between 22 and 29 on the highway in high gear depending on your speed.  They are not hybrids, so don't expect the 30+ mpg. 

i get 28 mpg on the freeway in my 91 gt vert, if you really want a fun driver get a mustang svo add some more boost and it will be faster than a 99-04 gt ask me how i know ;D my svo got about 35mpg on the freeway and 20 plus around town. plus they are rare and extremely fun to drive they handle awesome and the insurance is cheaper

I heard that supercharging it will increase the mpga little bit, is there anything else I could do to it?

Put a K&N air filter on it, and use synthetic oil.  Change gears in that 5 speed at no more than 3K RPM, and run in 5th on the freeway at no more than 70 MPH.  That will get you in the low 30 MPG range. 


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