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2003 Mustang Wipers


Hi there.

I recently inherited my mother's 2003 SVT (until I graduate) and am in the search of new wiper blades.
They need replaced very badly, but I still want to do it right. My older brother and I bought some cheap ones from Walmart a while back, but they did not fit properly and ended up being broken before we could figure them out.

Are there any particular wipers that members around here prefer? I'm looking for ones that obviously work well, are easy to install and cheap. I guess you could sum it up as a case of value.

Thanks in advance!

See if this helps. These guys have all the aftermarket parts you need.

Thanks for the link. I didn't see any for my car though.
I'll just run into O'Reilly sometime this week and look there.

Still open to suggestions/opinions. Thanks.

I can't imagine that any major auto parts suppier like O'Reilley's or Autozone or Napa wouldn't have wiper blades for an 03 Mustang.  Here is another source if you run into a wall.


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