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2000 gt mods?

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i own a 2000 gt i want to more power out of it i have a chip K&N intake and a flowmasters exhaust. i was thinking about trying to make it a 32 valve, and possiblly a intake manifold. i used to be an import guy so i dont know any of the brands and what you should do to these V8's any sugestions would be good but sorry no forced air induction i want to be on just motor

If you actually want to try and make it a 4v just go buy one from a mach one or cobra and drop that engine in it. Just trying to make a 4v will involve a lot more money and time.

so it is less expensive to do a swap that make my 2v a 4v? :-\

any more sugestions i have money and just know nothing about V8's

If you can find a 32 valve Mach1 or Cobra engine in a junk yard, that would be your best way to go.  There is a lot more to it than just changing the heads.  Get back with us when you finally make a decision. 


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