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Ok i have a 2001 V6 mustang right now, and im looking to purchase a new mustang. I really want a Cobra, but i cant afford an 03-04 cobra. So im looking at a 99, i've heard the have some problems with their HP; they are overrated or something. The 99 cobra are suppose to have 320 hp, so what do they actually have? Is there anyway to fix it? Is it worth getting one? Thanks in advance?

I found a link for you that really breaksdown what was wrong and even questions why nothing was reported by ford until car and drive spilled the beans.  I don't know if they have fixed the flaws or left them alone but a good clip.

Here is another link that is suppose to be problems and remidies to the 99 cobra.

if you want the terminator save up a little longer. with gas prices going up more than likely people will start trying to unload these cars that arent hardcore mustang guys. if you really want a cobra and want to save some money maybe pick up a 96-98 car they a normally a lot cheaper, then you can take all the money you save and mod the crap out of it from the start.

Yeah, why settle for something you are not going to be proud of for the rest of your life?  Save up for the 03-04 Cobra.  They will be cheap enough in about 2 years. 


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