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1993 5.0 Question


I recently purchased a 1993 5.0 for a conversion project and would like to know if it is feasable to remove the AC compressor and run a smaller serpentine belt with the tensioner? The project does not need AC and this would also help with overall weight reduction. Has anyone done this with their 5.0?

I could be wrong, but I would think you could just order the belt for a non-AC car. I'm guessing they didn't all have AC so there would probably be a belt available for it. Give ford, or the local jobber a call. What is your conversion project converting to?

Thanks for a logical answer! My conversion is a 1985 Rx7 1st generation. My oldest son has done a 2nd gen and his current ride a 3rd gen Rx7 that he autocrosses. The 5.0 is a very reliable engine compared to the rotary and parts are easy to find. The rotary parts are very quickly becoming expensive and extinct.


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