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post a pic of your car and things that are different?

I will list some details when I get off of work in the morning or when I wake up later.  I work the overnight shift.  I'll see if I can post some photos as well.  The car is unique and quite close to 100% original.  I have owned it since 1998 and it has 45,000 miles approximately. 


--- Quote from: rmodel65 on July 22, 2013, 04:18:47 PM ---still nothing special about them bro..they are just GT's with Cobra on the title so Ford of Canada didnt lose the right to use the CObra name plate by letting someone else snatch it up...

--- End quote ---

Have you tried sending the OP a personal message (click on his screen name and you should see the "send PM" link)?

yep I sure did.  He has not had activity since 2008 though. 

My Mustang is part of a Preintroductory Promotion for the 1993 Cobras.  I have documents reflecting this.  Ordering a full Marti Report as soon as I get my rent paid.  I have a letter from the selling dealer that speaks of this promotion as well as a letter from SVT all dating back to 1992.  My Mustang has Ford Cobra wheels, not aftermarket.  It has the black stripped tail lights not the grey stripped lights that would be correct for the SVO.  It has Cobra badging.  It has the same rear wing spoiler used on the Limited Edition LX cars that came from Cars and Concepts and therefore a Ford part.  It does however have GT ground effects.  It is a triple Black Convertible.  The interior is fully leather, no cloth.  The car is so low mileage and original that when things have needed replacement over time, the part removed to be replaced has always had Ford stampings.  This has included such things as the Thermostat I recently replaced and the U-joints. 


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