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Have pics to post in a later thread...I just got my car..It runs solid as has an elderbrock carb, everything else is stock im pretty sure. It is an automatic. What should i do to upgrade? Rear end? Shift kit? Flowmasters?? Links anyone?? Hit me up. thanks.

4.10 gears, headers, off road h -pipe, shift kit, flows, the usual

Man, i know tha basics...but im blind to tha specs. like Headers, there are so many to buy....whats a good kind? Tha rear end that all i would need or should i invest in a driveshaft too?? Would i have to mod tha fuel pump or carb for any of these type of upgrades. A guy was talkin about CAMS and said i would have to do 6000 dollars to it, to make it run GOOD...i think hes a shit talkin hater tho...haha

What is a good parts site?

rmodel65: is a great site for the fox stangs

as for headers any of them are decent you can buy the cheap bbk ones or even the summit and jegs brand are decent, the cam wont be 6k but the thing with that is the 86 motor has different pistons than the 87-93 cars and limits you lift and duration, also the heads for 86 cars are very weak(unless you have had a motor change)

also and for good deals on speed parts :)

I think there are many car parts site like,, car parts, parts geek surfing these all and looking for your requirment.


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