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1978 Mustang King Cobra

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I bought a 1978 Mustang King from the original owner, She was my musice teacher and drove the car when i was in grade school. I heard 3rd hand the car was for sale but evryone was either going to junk it or hotrod it. When I called and told her who i was and that i knew the car and always wanted it. The asking price was $1500... The car was complete and had everything from originazl owners manual to title and original time dated pics... I went to see what was left of the car and to put a deposit on it. She told me if I wanted it not to worry about the deposit and to come get it next week if I wanted.. So I saved up the money and went to see her.. When i got her she was so elated that i fixed old mustangs and knew the car that she told me to load it and go.. The deal was when the car was done her and her husband could take it on a date!!

Now here are a few questions that have raised my brow..

1. I have researched it and its an original KC by the Buck tag.. The build date is 10/77.. I thought they didnt start production until 12/77 according to all the documentation I can find.

2. I have an original unpainted pic of the car and it has the orange lace wheels, Orange cobra on the hood, and Light blue decals on the spoiler... The whole car is non T-top dark blue with Orange, Why the Light blue decals on the spoiler.. Never seen another one with this??

3. Do they do martis on these??

Can anyone help explain the few questions I have?? I dont want to touch the car until i know what I have and how I should put it back.. I dont want to change a unique feature if its unique to this car..


I'd get the vin and the buck tag and send those numbers to Marti.  If it is that rare, he would know.  Secondly, 1500 for any Mustang of that era that runs is a steal. 

That right there will help answer many questions, I was not sure if he could do them or no I will submit my vin and see what comes up!!  Do you know of any King Cobra registries?? Thanks again and Merry Christmas...


You never know.  Submit the numbers and see what comes up from Marti.  And, a Merry Christmas to you. 

Man, nice story, I bet if you fix that baby up it's going to be worth some cash $$$


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