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1973 mexican mach 1

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is the car a coupe? or a fastback because all cars sold in mexico had to be made there thats the reason for the shelby coupes, im not completely certain this was still the same procedure for the 71-73 though, more than like i would think its a Canadian car?

very cool

Yes, Mustangs were built in Mexico. The data plates are in Mexican. The VIN's are all different. Kevin Marti confirms. Mustangs were also made in the Netherlands alongside tractors on the assembly line. They also made Shelby's in 1971-72 called Shelby Europa. There is so much oddball stuff out there regarding Mustang history.   

I wouldn't be afraid of buying a Mustang "hecho en Mexico".
Seen one Mustang, seen 'em all from any given year.   

Seen one seen em all? Can someone post a quick link to this site as i am not bright on computers.   Everything you wanted to know about Mustangs but never thought to ask.


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