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1973 mach


I need information on that car and would like to know if that sterring supension is good enough for that car. I know that was the last year that they made the big muscle cars and mine was one of the last to be made. Everyone is telling me that the FMX is not the one to go with and I have the 2:75 rear end which will be great if I want to take a long trip if anyone has and good tips to lower the gear to maybe 3:50. It does have ram air hood but not working at this time and I have been looking up parts to make it but the air cleaner is harder to find than ever but I guess. Stang out

Jerry Baker:
Im at work but if you will email me at I will get you the info to a few places that might have them hard to get parts.

I dont know much about the 71 -73 so on your question I have no clue and my mechanic skills are not the best.  LOL


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