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--- Quote from: Russ on March 15, 2008, 09:24:40 PM ---Okay, so after I ripped the trailer hitch off and those very hot , not to mention rare mud flaps,lol. I had to come to a fork in the road I had alot to do and not much time. I knew that paint had to come off and rust had to leave so I began with the countless hours of sanding. I didn't think I would have got as much as I did in the time I had but I guess when you get in the zone you can do some real good work. I know you are asking yourself where did the top go but I just cannot bring myself to put it back on.

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Man what a car. I love it.
Good luck getting it back together. That thing is too beautiful to let it rott.


I had mud flaps, a trailer hitch and a luggage rack on my 65 when I first bought it.  Those were the first things to be ripped off.  Good luck with finishing you Stang Russ.  I know your wife bought it in good faith, but you have had to do a lot of work on it.  Too bad you can't have it on the base where you work, so you can take it into the hobby shop and work on it on after duty hours and days off. 


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