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well I hope to get this thing where it needs to be time soon.

Alright, I had my ten days of leave and down to the last day of building. I will get pics up and info to follow. This was the most costly trip to Kansas ever in my life, but well worth it, I will let you be the judge.................................................................

 I am in need of some good parts for my 351C 2V and someone to hook a brother up with some power steering knowledge, I know there are here I just have to find them. I will be on here as much as possible and hope to here some things good or bad about my car. I don't want anyone to thin they cannot tell me the flat out true about my car, I will still sleep at night and I won't cry ( atleast in front of you).

Well brother first and foremost congrats on the 73. I am in the U.S. Army and just got back from having fun with mine, and in fact I did change out the old manual gear box for my power gear box. First it wasnít fun, but I already had my motor out which made it a whole lot easier. I also had to get a new cupler (the piece that fits right above the gear arm to the steering arm) after that it was a quick slip and off to the races. I found both power steering pump (complete) and power gear box on ebay, now I didnít get a chance to get the power steering box mounted due to time restraints, however, I did find that I forgot about that long bolt I would need to attach it to my head. Do you have A/C on yours? If not that will probably be better, I had to jump through my @$% to get it bolted back up then try to place the pump up there.  Let me know if this helps and you will find that Thierry (Owner of site) and Soaring (Master Moderator) have a vast amount of knowledge, just waiting to be tapped. STANG OUT

very cool car


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