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You got a hellava' lot of work done in 10 days.  Now that the cancer has been stopped you can relax a bit and go back to your job knowing your Mustang is safe from further deterioration. 

I called npd where I bought my seat and they sent me the floor pan, rear quarter trim and rear view mirror and back window seal for the seat. I think they went above and beyond the call of service to get this transaction complete. Wait for more photos to come, she is going together. WHAT COLOR SHOULD I GO WITH??????????????????????????????????????

Classics deserve the bright colors.  Reds, yellows, Greens,etc.   

I have to agree with you on that brother, just not sure which way to go. the gun metal gray is a awesome color but white with a black hood would look just as good.

UPDATE FOLLOWS::::::::::::::::::::::::::
I got back with Mark from NPD with my seat, which I still have to get, but he sent me a rear view mirror, floorpan to cover that ugly rust under her, and a rear window seal and rear quarter trim panels. Most of that was covered by the price but he wanted to help me out so I have to take all bad things I said about them back and give them props. He could have told me to piss off since I had that seat for three years but instead he help me out so way to go NPD.

I am going to be going on leave after this cycle of privates leave in AUG, so stay tuned for is going to happen. I am not going to spoil it for you guys but you will like. I am still caught on what to d and where to get some parts for my engine and what to do with it. I will get a alum. intake and headers, even though headers for that car is harder to get than a congressman who cares,lol.........!!!!!! I am thinking about a good cam and maybe rolling it but nothing that is to hairy. THE FMX is still under investigation on weither it should stay or go. Haven't heard anyone say anything good about them yet but who knows.

The car has come a long way and just the other day I had a great offer on it and the first time in my life I didn't even think twice on it so much like women after awhile it grows on you. I am trying to get some things going that might help this car come out faster with no loss in the quailty department.

As far as my Military life the oldest private I have this cycle is 18 and I just want to throw this out there, I think parents should be able to beat there kids when they are little that way when they join the Military they dont cry when you put them under stress or hold them accountable for there actions.

I hear ya' on the punishment thing when the kids are young.  I taught High School kids for 36 years, and every year it got worse with the spoiled kids.  Our young kids who can vote  voted for Obama didn't they?  That is how left winged our younger generation thinks.  They haven't had to suffer like we did. 
As far as your Mach is concerned, I am pleased you decided to keep it and make it into the Mustang you want it to be.  It will never lose value Sergeant, so you have made the correct decision. 


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