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so i get teh trans complete front and driveshaft out of her and get ready to get her on the trailier and look what shows up in the background. Yeap and that back window still leaks incase you were wondering,lol.......... I didn't have hit blast the rear where I had the quarters and rear patch panel put on for good reason.

Here is my exhaust or what was left of it. It had so many wholes it wasn't funny, well it was a little

well the guy said he cut me a deal and did the top bottom and truck to include all the fenders for 350. Come to find out he put a dint in my gass tank and rear deck lid, I went back to punch him in his face, but the contract did me no go since I was aware of possible damage it could have caused. So it was a lesson, I still got a great deal but I will never use them again and my buddy is vp of bbb for Wichita and I did report them for shady business.................... anyways I got it home and got under it and saw what I thought was going to be the death of me....................................................... that is the driverside floor pan right under the rear seat

if you look at the pic of the trunk, right above the key whole where where the top of the trunk and back side meet up is where he dented it, but were are past that, NOT. Before my brothers on here get at me yes that is factory bondo no the front fender and I did shave that nasty thing off  before I sprayed it with primer

Yes I like da flavor windows, I started painting the trunk with underbody spray and ran out well me being the perfect Army guy there is,lol...................... I didnt check the color and ended up spraying it witha copper undercoating so I went and got black and tried to cover it up but as you can see it didn't work great, but hey it is protected which is the big thing

well there are a few areas that need to get fixed but that underneath looks alot better, I know it isn't close to being done but for ten days I think I did alot more than some do in months, no that isn't bragging I spent every waking moment in there trying to get as much as possible done. I want to get some feed back also looking to get some ideas on what I can do in december since everything is out. I am thinking baout boring the motor out .30 and doing some small things to the motor but that is farther down the road, right now that body needs to get finished. STANG OUT


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