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Yeah I have a few holes on that side so I went ahead and bought the coplete patch instead  of fill the holes with mass bondo, I hope these pics do justice

This is watch the quick fix looked like and I was not happy with it. I got both panels for about 80 dollars and that is on my doorstep. Thierry I don't need to figure out how to get my photo in the pics side I will just keep putting them here,lol. I am hoping that the bondo that I am putiing in this car will look right when I am done. I know it cannot look worse, but I would hate to do all of this for nothing.

 Yes, the bondo won't last long if it's placed to fill holes but if they are small like it seems to be on the driver side it might be easier to weld a small patch of metal. Make sure your body work looks good once you prime the car if it doesn't, the final paint won't hide it.
 About the picture gallery it's not more complicated to upload photos than it is here.
 The only thing you have to do is to create an album, once this is done you can upload as many photos as you want and it will be easier to find them all in a single album than doing a search for them in the forum  :D

No I really have tried I made my album uploaded the pics, and it said that it was download and to click continue to finish, and when I did the next screen said done at the bottom left but it was blank.

As far as the metal I think I will be okay once I get that area done, and Paint wont be on her for a while, so I will make sure it looks good, no hurry what so ever.

 I tried to upload a new photo and it worked fine. Did you receive any message?
It's possible your photos are too big so I changed the size limit but if that was the problem, the site should have told you.
 Here is the steps:
1. Create / order my albums
2. Upload file
3. Enter file info and select the album you want to place it in
and follow the instructions.


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