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Yeah I found some on there and even had some that came with tires  but I might have to go 15 over my 14 soaring you are right too big would look bad. I have a set of 17's giving to me but they are too big and the factory thing comming back into play. I really think that would be another good addition to the car without anyone knowing whether it came with it or not. anything bests these bad boys

I found a few pics of underneath and it is said but hopefully you have seen worse and if not tell me you have anyways. Nah, it should look be taken care of after the sand blasting. What is great to spray it with after blasted? I know underbody spray, but what can you use to seal it and or is there somehting out there that is great for the wheel wells and front end. Rmember I have done nothing under her yet o be easy on me,lol. STANG OUT

Okay guys I guess it looked so bad no one wants to tell me huh lol. You won't hurt my feelings trust me I left them at the log in page, and would like to keep this rolling. thanks

 I must have missed your pictures and it's always good to bump a topic :). The underneath doesn't seem bad at all and I don't see the need to sand blast it. Using sand paper would be the cheap way to go but it would take a lot of your time. I would say a good coating of POR15 on top of that rust should be enough to neutralize it.

 well I figured I could drop a line until someone hit it up. I found a dude that was going to charge me about 50 and hour to blast with 2 hours quoted I figured why not. That is why I was trying to get info on the front end kit, mine is fine but after I get it blasted then I can change the upper and lowers and bushings and give it a good paint coat and call it a day.

  I don't know how much work it will be after I get it blasted, but I think I could put down some primer and then undercoat for the main body and paint the rest. I already have undercoat on the main body there shouldn't be any rust under it in that case, RIGHT?

  I am going out shopping for my house again tommorrow I hope all my brothers on here hold this site down until I get back and let you know where I am going to move my pony. STANG OUT


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