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 Soda blasting will only remove paint and it won't harm the trim or the glass from the car. The problem is it won't remove rust or undercoating. For the underbody I would rather use sand and if you have it done by professionals, they should know what they are doing.

Yeah when I talked to the guy he said that the soda would blast but it would take longer and since it double the price an hour I thank sand would work better brother. I am also look for the mustnag 500 rims if anyone knows thanks.

Yeah, soda blasting will eventually get all the crud off, but sand would be faster.  Are you talking about Mag 500's?  If so, they only come in 14 and 15 inch wheels.  If you are thinking about big assed wheels on that Mach, then you need to go with Torque Thrusts or American Racing.  Personally, I think a nice set of 15" Mag 500's would be bitching on that Mach.  Here is what I have on my old 65 Yeller.  You can get them at a lot of the Mustang vendors. 

hey soaring you need to let me know how you made your stamp brother. I heard from someone on here and I think it was Race that was telling me that the 2V motor is easier to beef up rather than 4V. I don't know but would like to get some idea guys so I can get some more work I have down time so trying to keep it going now. I would liek to get a cam and the headers, I know...... comming from the guy always talking about factory, factory, but think that could help power and not be looked down. I have some more pics I am putting on here check them out. The inside pic was tken during the sanding process so forgive me for hte dirt on the glove box and floor board. STANG OUT

 Ebay also has some set of Mag 500 wheels. I also think they would look great on your 73.


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