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Hey Buddy. Welcome back I know how you fell. I lost a couple of buddies also.
We need to hook up some weekend since I dont live to far from you.

hey I guess it is better to lose some great friends for a good cause, rather than to a drunk driver, or arson. Race we can hang out anytime brother, I know you just want to hang with me to see what a true mustang fan looks like,lol. As far as the car soaring, my father, who has nothing better too do, goes out and starts it everyother week and lets it run.  I have never heard of the dryer sheets in the car but I will have to try it man. The tires on this car might also be factory,lol they are old and nasty I think they are the 14x7 maybe15x7 but that might be pushing it.

  I am going to fill you guys in on my secret, I have spent all this time on the body and interior and not a lick under the car which, my father has been in the custom cars business for a long time and alot of his buddies have do it as well. I am not sure if the best way to clean the bottom without sanding, but i am sure someone will get on here and tell me that,lol. I have heard about soda blasting it is like sand blasting except it won't harm your paint and you can do it in the open without that chance of cancer, well I guess it is nothing like sand blasting but the end result is that it get rid of the rust and crud from under you car so you can seal it. if anyone has any insight on that let a brother know.Well I pulled my head out of my butt and figured out how to get notifications I will be on here more. STANG OUT

Soda blasting is pretty much the same as sand blasting, except you use Arm and Hammer soda instead of sand.  It won't warp the metal, but since you are only considering it for underneath, I would use sand.  It will cut the crap out of the undercoating and street crud in a New York minute.  But, you need to be outside and use a respirator.  You will also need to have the car up in the air.  Not too likely to happen outside though. 
Heck, my exterior was sandblasted.  If you know what you are doing, the sand is the fastest, but most likely to cause warping in the metal if you let the wand sit too long in one spot.  Keep us posted troop. 

  I have found a couple people in town back home that are really talking the soda blasting up and I think if he can spray the whole underneath and trunk  for a good price I might go that route. I do not know if it cuts as good as sand but sand blasting is just as expensive and I stood there and watched a buddy get his bed done in his elcamino and he blew threw two place and almost chipped his back window so I might sway that way, unless someone has insight to change my mind. I donít want people to think if they donít give me a idea I wonít use it unless it is extreme or you are just being fuchsias.

 I am getting close to having that patch panel put in. as most of you know after the quarters went it I found a hole in the rear and choose to tap it and that is what lead to just buying two new patch panels. Remember, I am trying, to get all this work done from a distance and not sure what is the best way to get it done. I want my father to tug that engine so I can get the fender apron in there, well an I am going to do a little work on the motor since she is out, but keep that on the Down low, I cannot stand 177 HP and yes 2 V only came out with 177 HP. I am always talking about not touching it and leaving it factory but I would like to do stuff to that would not be factory but be value to the car, like exhaust pipes with dual exhaust, power steering, cam, intake, and rear end gears. I would like some feedback on these items whither you think it would hurt or if anyone would even notice.

I am really trying to get as much work done as possible before I get it down here or over here for that matter in KY since I wonít have much time to work on it being a drill sergeant, but I donít know how much longer I can go without her.  I have big plans for her but can only do as much as dream right now and try to get everything lined out so when I get out of school I can roll home and pick her up. If anyone knows of any new mustang site to buy parts  let a brother know. Keep this topics flowing , Race it is really good to hear from you and good luck with school. STANG OUT

hey I got the prices on the blasting, sand 75hr, soda150hr. I don't know if since it is the underbody if it really would hurt to just use the sand but you tell me. I also have my needs list comming out and it is getting bigger and bigger by the minute.STANG OUT


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