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1970 mach 1


i have a 70 mach one and am  what to make sure that it is what it is but things are not adding up from the vin it a h code and the door tag was not able to be read but what numbers that are there are diffrent now here the other thing the car is a non ac car has a org clutch peddle in it has the cobra clock org 428cj badge the big disk brakes up front the rear wing and front air valance the alum mach 1 side panals and cobra snakes on the side and the holes for the back window lovors i know the people that owned it before had a nother mach 1 at there desposal and the motor that is in it is a 351 c with 4v heads and a c6 trans
so i was wonder if there where any other numbers on the car to find out what it is

I would recommend pulling off both fenders. The 1970 cars can either be on the front apron, forward of the shock towers, or on the top of the shock towers. Also i would look for the buck tag around radiator support by headlights ( although most buck tags can be removed with a screwdriver )The vin on the shock towers will only have the last digits of the vin number. But that would be a good start


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