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1970 Mach 1 351w vin #'s

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Hello, newbe here

I have a 70 mach 1 that we are trying to see if all numbers match. I do not have to door tag for all the info. has been cleaned off over the years. But I do have the dash vin numbers.

The dash vin is: 0F05H134285

I have also found the buck tag.

But I have found a number stamped on the engine in the area where a 429 would have a partial vin stamped. Now this is a 351W not a 429. The stamp is located on the rear face of the block just below the drivers side head.That number is (if I am reading it right)  9H598143. My question is would this engine be orginal to this car? I am the second owner to this car and was told everything is orginal.

Where are the other vin numbers located at on the car?

This car once finished will be a show car only and driven just to shows. But I would like to display all numbers on the car. As we are rebuilding the engine I am locating all casting numbers and dates. What would be a good why to display them?

We also have a 63 galaxie that my husband has beef up so there is nothing orginal to the car except the frame and the inside of the car. So I can not do this to that car.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Krista Lessen

Welcome to the site Krista.
Without the door tag we can't find much information about your car but this is what I have found with the number you gave us is:

Year:     0     1970
Plant:    F    Dearborn, MI
Body Series:   05   SportsRoof, Mach 1
Engine:    H   351 2v V8
Unit:    134285    134285

The engine number 9H598143 shows that it's a 351 (H) manufactured  in 1969 (9) so it could be the original one. You can purchase a Vin decoder disk. I never tried it but it seems very usefull.
Good luck and if you want to show your Mustang in its actual condition, please feel free to do so.

Does that state that it is the 351 C with either 266 or 277 factory horses?

Jerry Baker:
The book I have says that it should be a 351C thats was the new motor for 70 and that the 351W was deleted from the line up.  Its said that the 351C with 300hp replaced the deleted 351W 4 BBL.

I have a 351W in my 1981 Ford F-150 Ranger pickup.  So, it is quite clear that the 351W was put into a lot of applications through the early 1980's.  They are, and will continue to be "dog" engines, but they pull like a Mofo, so have a ton of torque. 


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