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Dr. Feelgood:
1969 fastback with a rebuilt 96 cobra engine and other shitty mods.
Should i get it and swap the engine to a 427 from a old Gt engine. or just fix it up for car shows.

I have never been one to fix up a car just for shows.  Mustangs are made for driving. That's my personal opinion.   So what if you win a trophy at a car show?   Woopeedoo.  Most of the trailer queen cars don't even run.  What is their point in spending the time and money to hopefully win a $20 dollar trophy?  I don't even attend car shows anymore because of all the MCA judging rules if the show is indeed an MCA judged show.  If not, it is just fair game for all the other entries who are selected to judge.  So, I just drive my 65 down the highway and listen to Rush Limbaugh on AM radio.    ;D

Its all personal pref. I would drive it till the engine blew up then worry about an engine swap.

yea man i would be proud of that, that sounds like you got somthing pretty nice. Do you have any problem with the computer off of the 96 motor?


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