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65/2+2 MUSTANG:
Hello, Fellows
I will have the opportunity to purchase a 1969 GT in the coming weeks and would like to gather as much as
Possible info on the 69 before viewing it to to be able to ID it, if it is a 69 GT. So I will need some help, here is the
VIN# 9T02H173254. I have not viewed it yet and the VIN is the only info I have, except that it is a four speed manual.
Any info would be great
Brunswick, GA

almost forgot to mention the 69 was brought over from Spain and the spedo is in KM

The best info is from a Marti report Kevin Marti bought the Ford car assembly database for 67-73 Mustangs and has the capability to tell you every option, every date and where the car was delivered. It will confirm or disprove your GT. Costs run between $30 and $60 depending on what you get.

Yup. Marti report is our most reliable sourse of reliable information regarding these old monsters. 

This car was listed on eBay and sold last week ... seems that you did not buy it, did you get to see it though?

65/2+2 MUSTANG:
Yes, had too many issues for me to deal with for the price.


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