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1969 gt fastback value


just wondering if anyone could estimate value of 69 gt fastback with 351 winsor. car is mostly original meaning intact with original motor. as far as i could tell it is probably a 4 in condition. it was my brothers car since high school back in 1978, i am trying to value it for his estate. any help is greatly apreciated thanks

I would look at what simular cars are selling for. 69-70's do well but the collector car market has taken a hit in the bad economy. Go to e-bay and see what they sell for right now.

Are you looking to sell it or just value it?

thanks for the reply i am not selling the car ,but need to value it for the estate

It all depends on condition, a number 4 condition, if it's mostly complete with original parts, but needs a full restoration, a good price would be between 4500-7000.  Also, options can add to the price some, depending upon what they are.  Fully restored this car is worth in todays market, around the mid to upper 20's. 


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