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1967 Mustang No Firing

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Ok, I just pick up up the 67 fastback.  It has been sitting for 4 years.  I changed all the fluids, plugs, cap, points wires, coil, and rotor. I am getting no spark to the plugs or the cap.  I have checked and have power to the coil and points.  I the ground on the block is fine.  The car will turn all day long, just no fire.  It doesn't have any hint of wanting to start.  Any idea's?  I have set the timing and checked the firing order to make sure that it is right.

A new condenser for the points would be a cheap thing to replace and will cause a no fire situation.

I would check the points and verify that they are properly gapped-many points these days are cheap and low quality.  If you have any question, try a fresh set from a NAPA as opposed to some Auto Zone type

Now, how in the world can you set timing without a spark?  I suppose you can set it sort of close with the dampner markings, but if you did that did you verify top dead center by covering the #1 opening and turning the engine until you felt compression rising?

Balancers outer rings can slip and make timing marks useless.

Thats what i meant by getting the timing close.  I just put a new condenser in with the points.  I got the points from napa.  I haven't checked the compression.  I will have to try that and see if I am getting any.

The reason to check for compression on the upstroke of the #1 Cylinder is to get top dead center correctly.  If there is no compression as you come to the mark on the balancer, you will be 180 degrees out and the spark timing will not come at the right time.

If you simply pull a plug and crank the engine with the body of the plug grounded, do you get a spark?

I use an induction timing light to see if there is current going thru the wires.

Recently I saw a cap that had no contact for the rotor button-it was a nice MSD cap that had been used for 30K miles and the contact apparently just fell out!

One more thing to check-when the engine is cranking, is the rotor turning?  Distributor gears are known to shear the pin that attaches them to the distributor from time to time in small block fords.

I'll check back and add anything else that comes to mind.  If I get too basic, tell me your level of experience and I'll try and do better lol

I am ok with car.  I have pulled the plug and put it to the block and no spark.  Thanks,


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