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1967 mustang Florida


Hi all,
 I am from canada and looking to buy a mustang. I found one in florida and wanted to see if I could get someone to take a look at let me know about it. I would be willing to send you a few bucks for your time. I have been looking in Canada but can't find one in that good of shape without costing me alot of cash. If someone is around pompano beach and wouldnt mind helping a guy out please let me know. I realize this is alot to ask but hoping that with all you other car buffs out there you wouldnt mind. I have done this before with a friend from across canada so I thought I would try my luck.

Thanks in advance

Here is information on the Ft. Lauderdale Mustang club. Get with them. More than likely one of their members wouldn't mind looking for you and giving you a report.  I have done that for guys out-of-state from Texas and they found a Mustang near Austin that I looked at, took a lot of pics and wrote out a report.  I don't know of anybody on this forum that would be from that area.

Thanks so much! I will email them down in Florida and see if also they may be able to help out. I am in love with classic mustangs and want one so bad. Canada is not a good place to buy one, so I am looking at my brothers down south to help me out.


Not a problem.  The owner of this site is a Canadian.  His name is Thierry. 

 Welcome to the site bhorrocks EH!!! Classic Mustangs can be found in Canada but the prices are much higher than in the States and their conditions not always great. I would also get one down south  :)


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