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1967 cp wont start

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I have a 1967 mustang that will not start, i have changed the coil and the wire harness and have good voltage and a new gas tank and fuel. I have tried to look for the Faq section and can not find it


Engine and transmission types are needed.

HELLO, AND THANK YOU. I have a 302 and C-4 Xmission.

I have tried several types of ignition, is there a way to bypass the ignition switch.

Does the engine turn over?
Can you see fuel squirting into the carb when the accelerator rod is pulled?
Are the plugs clean and dry?
Are the points adjusted and do they open and close when the shaft is turning?
Is the distributor timing set at top dead center?
To do a "car theft start" (don't ask how I know this) you need two jumper wires, one from the hot side of the battery to the coil terminal with the red-green wire (it is the wire that goes to the firewall, not the one to the distributor) and a second wire from the battery hot to the terminal on the solenoid closest to the front of the car (the terminal will have a red-blue wire). Remover the solenoid wire from the terminal and touch the solenoid terminal and the engine will turn over, hold until it starts. Cold starting fluid (ether) may help.
And, if you have a 302 in a 67 Mustang, the engine has been replaced.


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