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1966 Convertible for $4000


In a few days I'm going to look at a '66 convertible that has been under a cover for the last 10 years.. I have no idea of it's condition, motor type or anything... I would like to go into this prepared, so HERE IS MY QUESTION....

The seller is saying $4000 for the car.. At what point is it NOT worth $4000? Without a motor? (obviously if it's been in a really bad accident)... No interior, etc....

From what I have gathered so far, it's a straight car in good condition, but I have not seen it yet...

Thanks for any advice in advance...

thanks for all the responses

Joe AZ 2 PA:
Check it over for rust. Floors front and back, trunk, inter fenders, rocker panels, under the hood check the shock towers, front and rear frame extensions. If it's a 6 clyinder the resale even after being fixed up will be a lot less than a 289 V8. Be great if it was a Hi-Po with a 4 speed. Check out the vin # and build tag for the options that came with the car and see if anything has been changed. Base it on if you can do the restore or if you have to pay someone else to get it runnig and looking good. Replacement parts are available for any repair but at a cost. Good luck. . . .  8)

Did you ask if the car has a motor? Sitting that long you also might not be able to take it for a test drive. Check to see if it has a power top or not.

I guess my reply is a little late. So how did it turn out? Yep, I just saw when you put up your post. Sorry. Hope it worked out for you.


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