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'73 Mach1 Dash Lens


Hi from Oz, I have purchased from U.S. a replacement lens for my mustang however it does not have an odometer (trip) reset button which is on the original. Are the originals still available??? Has someone got one for sale??? regards to all from the land Down Under, Col...Does every `73 Mach1 have a trip reset button?? Why do they produce replacement lenses without one??? I can't remove the trip reset button from the original lens. Is there a way??? Its 10.23pm Thurs Nov 5 and I have to get up at 6.30am to play golf. Best wishes from Newcastle, New South Wales - Australia......11/18 - Has no one other than me ever replaced the lens on a resto?? I dont understand why there have been no replies??? Have I confused everyone - do other `73 Mach1 owners have a Speedo/trip reset button in their dash lens??? This is my first  resto and being over here and not there makes it hard to know. hardly any info over here for this model. Enjoy what you do - regards from Oz. ;)


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