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'65 Fastback at painters-HOME, now waiting for upholstery!

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Cool!  Another black 65 FB guy!  ;D  Let's see some pics of your car!

I have posted a picture in  the "Your Mustang" section and will be posting more later.  ;D

If you want to follow the progress on my paint, you can see 1 week, 2, 3, and the latest WEEK 4 pics on my web page (see link in my avatar below).  Earlier this week it was in dark gray primer, and then yesterday it was painted black.  Today they got it layed out on the hood and actually started painting the red stripes on the rear.  I also came back today from the powder coaters on several parts, now even with "CHROME" powder coating.
Here's the hood layout:

Then here's the red stripes on the rear.  They should have all red stripes on tomorrow, and possibly even the clear coat.  HAVIN' FUN!  ;D

That's going to be one kick ass good looking Mustang.  That's what I call a full custom paint job.  Keep us posted. 

Looks good, can't wait to see her finished. Still don't think it needed the paint though ;D


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