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'65 Fastback at painters-HOME, now waiting for upholstery!

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It is a deluxe pony interior car...All red.

It will be a prettty thang when done.  Shoot some pics our way.   

Is Your Car done? Fastback65gt.... Sure would like to see some pictures. :)

Nope.  Not yet.  It will be another few weeks yet.
Right now, I have it back home letting some 60 degree weather and sun get to it.  The painter wants about 4 weeks of cure time, because of our recent brutal winter, before he does final color sanding and polishing.  So, I'm parking it outside in the sun when the weather lets me. 
The upholsterer will come and get it the week of the 15th (next week!) and have it for a couple weeks.  By then the car should be cured out enough to go back to the painters shortly after it returns.  :)
I started putting some chrome stuff back on, but then I thought it would be best to let the painters work with nothing in their way, so I stopped.  Plus I'm sure I'll have that white sanding/polishing slop to clean off and that will simplify the cleanup with no chrome. :P
In the mean time, I've been prepping my stainless trim.  It's rather fun!  I've always loved polishing metal (brass, copper, etc.) but I've never tried stainless before.  I've been taking out the dents and straightening and having a good time at it.  Plus, they look a zillion times better than before.
Here's the latest pic.

Yeah, leave the chrome off until the paint job is complete.  The wet sanding produces a ton of yellow crap that will get under the chrome and cause you problems with rusting later.   If I were you, I'd take that hood trim back off.  She sure is going to be a pretty thang when finished.  Your painter is right to let it cure for at least a month before clear coating it.  You are lucky to have warm weather in Mizzu this time of the year.  We are all waiting with baited breath to see her finished.   I like the way you took the red racing stripe down to the ground.  Looks really good. 


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