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Winter is finally over

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Cruising season is just around the corner, its been a long winter! Now all that's needed is a few good rains to wash all the freaking salt off the roads.

They ought to be hitting there today.  We had our first "salt washer" yesterday - it poured, with hail too.
I'm in SW MIssouri and we get them before you do.  Our storms mostly travel NE right up the interstate in your direction, so if you want to know the weather for tomorrow, call me the day before.  ;D

Fortunately, we don't get snow in my neck of the woods, so no salt is used during the winter.  I can drive my Mustangs 24-7 year 'round.  I keep them in the garage, but I had some birds get in there somehow and they shit all over them.  So, today is hand washing day. 

Just drive that Mustang to Ohio and let the rain wash all the shit off. The only thing worse than bird shit is tree sap so, it could be worse lol

Hey fastback65gt. , ITS RAINING


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