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Winter is finally over

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 ;D Nah, I Have to use "raindance" to wash them.  They both shine like a mofo afterwards, but I still wax them both twice a year so the bird shit doesn't get to the paint.   

It was 75F yesterday and no wind. I put 14 miles on my 18 speed bike mostly on the levees out on the Southern end of San Francisco Bay. Today was a bit cooler, 70F, and a lot more wind, only 13.8 miles. Yeah, winter's a drag. I'll take the "K" car out for a run tomorrow to calm my nerves. Now it's CRW time (heh heh heh).

Its supposed to be in the upper 60s , possibly 70F by friday. Ill be on my Harley. Last  tuesday temps got up to 65F in the afternoon, it was the warmest day of the year , that morning was only 31F- it was a cold ass ride in to work on my Harley

I can't imagine riding a hog in 31F weather.  65-75 is just perfect here for anything you want to do.  I took  'Ol yeller out of the garage and opened up all the windows and got her up to 75 MPH.  Felt good.....

Yea, I told myself the night before I was gonna ride in.  I only have a 15 minute commute in the morning, no traffic at 3:30 in the morn. I had to pry the boys off my leg they were frozen lol


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