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Drag Race In Dayton this Sunday! Kilkare Raceway


Hey Guys,

My name is Brian and I'm the host for the track day this Sunday at Kilkare.

This Sunday at Kilkare I will be hosting the 'No Hatin in Dayton 3" dragrace showdown. Gates open at 9 and the track opens at 10. The admission is $15. Under 12 are free.

There will be 3 car classes:
-13.00 and over ET
-12.99 and under ET
-Fun and grudge

The 13.00 and over, and the 12.99 and under ET classes are $40 because they are payout classes and I will give 60% out to the winners. 1st and 2nd

The Fun and Grudge class is just that Fun and Grudge. You can simply test and tune your car, or you can grudge any other car at the track thats in that class. When you tech in for the fun and grudge class just mention "Mustangs Rock!" and the cost for this class will only be $20 instead of $40. If there are any questions just ask for me but I will be at the tech tent when you tech in. Sorry I can't discount the ET classes sinse they are payout classes!!!

So if you want to fun and grudge all day the cost is $35, If you want to try to win the MONEY the cost is $55. We will race until atleast 5pm so you will get plenty of passes.

Call if you have ?s


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