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I joined you guys today, and was asked to show my old Mustang.  I know Fred  (289225hp) because he has been on the English section and has been conversing with us.  It's glad to know that we share a love for our Mustangs around the world.  Here is my "Ol' Yeller"  It still has the original engine, transmission and all the other undercarriage.  I had the body refurbished, and I replaced the interior myself.  I still drive it almost daily. The only upgrades I have done to it is a Monte Carlo bar and an export brace.

about the dream is realized it is a happy man  8)

I have two Mustangs.  The other one is an 03 Mach 1.  I hope all you English readers can translate this to all the new friends in the French world.  If any of you guys have questions, just chime in and Thierry  or Fred will translate. 

The members from the French section are wondering why you didn't reply to your first post, they didn't know you did it here. ; D
I will let them know where you replied but here is all the messages they posted. ;)

I can't read the French, so I guess I'll bow out of that section. 


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