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Hello my European friends

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you want to post pictures of your mustang, it is not necessary to speak  :)

OK, well, I have already posted a picture of my '65 coupe, and here is a picture of my 2003 Mustang Mach 1.   It appears to be on the orange side because of the sunlight, but it is actually red.  The color is "Torch Red."  It has the 4.6 L 32 valve, dual overhead cam engine with a 5 speed OD transmission.  It pulls hard through the first 4 gears, then goes into cruise mode in 5th.  It runs in the lower 14's to the high 13's in the quarter.

 8) Nice red Mustang

Thank you Fred. 


--- Quote from: Soaring on July 06, 2010, 11:49:36 PM ---I can't read the French, so I guess I'll bow out of that section. 

--- End quote ---

You can also write in English, most of them will understand you and the few messages posted in French are really not that important. ;)

Google is also your friend. ;D


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