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Ignore that old grump. If you got a technical question about Mustangs, ask it the best that you can in any of the other forum sections and we will figure it out.

If it's a classic question, ask it in the classic question.  If it's a 4.6 question, ask it in the 4.6 section etcetera.  If you stumble on the English, don't worry about it.  We can generally get the idea of what you are asking, and if not, we will have Thierry translate.  If you have answers to questions in any of the sections, please post them. 

Costelo V8 GT:
Hello Guys
I am new on this forum and not very familier with forums but i am trying, i own a 2005 v8 mustang in Greece Athens and i am wondering if you know where we can get parts for my model in Europe. if i order it from the US the cost of the customs, at least in Greece is too much some times. if somebody knows a place in Europe mayby Germany or UK it would be very helpful to have some contact details.
Many thanks in advance!

I'm afraid you Grecians are SOL when it comes to cheaper Mustang parts.  You're just going to have to order out of the catalogs and pay the shipping.  If you need some research to be done for the cheapest prices, let us know. 

Costelo V8 GT:
Many thanks Soaring
i will have that in mind then!!


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