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Happy new year from Europe

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Some members from the French section of the forum asked me to wish you all a happy new year in North America.

Here are their posts:

If you need any help to translate what they said or will say, let me know. ;)

Let them know that we Americans also wish them a happy New Year, and that the American Mustang members are totally behind helping them achieve their goal of owning and maintaining an American Icon in the Ford Mustang.  Looks like you have some French speaking Belgians on here.   I spent a few years in Germany and frequented Belgium and France on several occasions. 

Thanks Soaring, I translated your message for them. ;)

One belgian, boss-302 was also stationed in Germany, in Düren.

I have one offer for you guys. If a Mustang enthusiast wants to go in the South of France for a few weeks, one member is ready host you at his place. ;)


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