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Happy new year from Europe

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If it is anywhere near Carcasonnes, France in the walled city, it would be a great treat to have a French family to host you.  The Southern France area is quite a beautiful part of their country, and a place on this earth you will want to visit before your demise. 

Yes, he's at about 40 miles from Carcassonne but he says that Narbonne is much more nice, fun and not very far. ;)

It's within train riding distance in one day, so take advantage of this opportunity if you are traveling to Southern France soon.  It is absolutely beautiful country with lots of history.  The rumor is that King Charlemagne was in the walled in city of Carcasonnes, and the Spanish attacked the city.  There was a siege for a few months and the city was running out of food.  So, the king ordered that the rest of the corn be fed to a pig and that he was thrown over the side of the 3 walls that had been built over centuries, and the stomach of the pig burst open to reveal the corn.  So, the Spanish figured that the city had plenty of food, so left without  breaching the walls.  This could be fact or fiction, but that's the story. 
I spent some time in this area a few years ago, and stayed in the hotel inside the walls of Carcasonnes.  The light you see is from my camera flash, and not the sun. 
Another historical city to visit is Rothenberg, Germany.  It's another walled in city in Southern Germany.  Traveling in Europe is a unique experience, and you can get to just about anywhere by train.  You can get a Eurail pass at your local American travel agent for pennies on the dollar for what it would cost you if you bought individual tickets over there.

Merry Christmas to you  ;)


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